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The Challenges Facing Military Members During Divorce

In addition to the issues that civilians must deal with in separation, dissolution or divorce proceedings, military service members will encounter other unique issues. They might have to contend with jurisdictional differences between states or even other counties. On top of that, they face potentially challenging custody arrangements and the possibility of running into issues concerning the equitable distribution of assets.

Because of their unique circumstances, military service members are encouraged to obtain the services of a family law attorney when considering divorce or dissolution. A lawyer can be of considerable help during this life-changing event, providing answers to pressing legal questions and compassionate support during one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life.

The Challenge Of Jurisdictional Differences

Though every state allows military couples to divorce, each state handles divorce proceedings a little differently. Here in Ohio, at least one spouse needs to have established residency in the state for at least six months prior to petitioning for divorce. But if you’ve moved from base to base a lot, it can be difficult to determine where your domicile is, let alone what jurisdiction you need to file paperwork in.

Child Custody And Support Disputes

Military service can also cause considerable issues with child custody determinations and support orders. A spouse fighting for primary custody may try to use their spouse’s military service as reason for denying custody and visitation, or asking for more child support. Under the Ohio Revised Code, the parental rights of military servicemen and women are protected. There is even a provision that prohibits any court from using military service or deployments as justification for the modification of an existing custody or support order.

Issues Concerning Property Division

Dividing assets and liabilities equitably can become a sticking point for divorcing military couples when retirement benefits, military pensions and military benefits are called into question. Family law judges must carefully consider when military service began in relation to the length of marriage when determining the civilian spouse’s portion of these assets. When unvested military retirement benefits become an issue, judges must also consider case law as well as Ohio law, which can greatly complicate situations.

Seeking Legal Representation To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Divorce

If protecting your parental rights and doing what’s best for your family are your top priorities, then I encourage you to contact me, attorney Dain N. DeVeny Attorney at Law. I represent military members and their families across the Dayton area, throughout Montgomery County, and surrounding areas in Ohio. I know the legal issues facing military members as well as the strategies to work through them. To schedule an appointment, contact my Dayton office online or by calling 937-802-2504.

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